Monday, December 17, 2012

A Question for All You Booklet Makers

Okay you guys out in DIY OSR land: which long reach stapler do you recommend for booklet making?

I'm finally getting around to printing out a lot of PDFs into table-ready booklets and want to staple these bad boys. And maybe I have a special project or two up my sleeve, too.

So, which stapler do you recommend?


Okay, so Geoffrey recommends this one:

But then take a look at these:

Which one would you get?


Geoffrey McKinney said...

I've had no problems with my Sparco long reach stapler:

I use it to staple the Psychedelic Fantasies modules:

Digital Orc said...

I use a Stanley Bostich.,r:0,s:0,i:91&tx=98&ty=73

C.T. said...

I worked in document production for nine years and used several of these extensively.

The PaperPro 1610 Long Reach Stapler is SWEET. It is the easiest on your hand and wrist because it features a super-smooth almost effortless action. When I let customers use it they always said something like "whoah!", surprised at the ease of effort.

The downside to this stapler is it uses a non-locking plastic paper guide. Non-locking guides get sloppy over time and you end up needing to readjust the guide after every couple staples.

My other choice would be the Swingline Long Reach Stapler with Built-in Ruler and Adjustable Locking Paper Guide. It doesn't have the smooth action of the PaperPro but has a locking paper guide.

dervishdelver said...

I've got the Sparco and it does everything I want it to do as a hobbyist. If your going to be stapling chunky little booklets, you may need more stapler (I doubt it), but you're not out much money with the Sparco if it turns out to not be up to the task.

Dak Ultimak said...

I use the Swingline. And about 2000+ staples later all I've needed to do is oil it a little. But I've not used any other but the swingline, plus I also have a standard Swingline in red because:

dervishdelver said...

FWIW, I checked and discovered I purchased the Sparco through Amazon back in Nov 2011. At that time, I only paid $8.20 for it. It appears to have doubled in price since then. That being said, I would either wait for the price to come down on the Sparco or spend a little more for a better brand.

mwschmeer said...

Thanks, everyone, for your input.

I can't believe a post about staplers has generated this many comments.

Gorgonmilk said...

I use this one and I'm pretty darn happy with it:

Zachary Zahringer said...

I bought this one and really like it.


welbo said...

I realize I'm massively late on commenting

but I vote for the Swingline as well.
I had access to one at work.
It's a solid, reliable stapling machine.

Lining-up the center is still difficult on any of them.
(I typically burn one sheet on the outside, and put a nice crease in the exact center, then semi-depress the stapler, and release. This makes the staple poke out enough to pierce the outside few sheets, so you can make sure it's lining-up correctly.)

The thing about the Swingline is that (if you get crazy with the woodwork) can be easily accommodated within some custom stapling jig. ... or can be screwed-down to a table-top workspace.

(just my two cents.)

Since taking a new job, I've taken to sewing the booklet bindings.
I have a kitchen table that pulls apart to insert a leaf, and it lets me make a gap for piercing, while letting the stack lay flat.

mwschmeer said...

I went with the Swingline. It took me a few booklets to figure out the ideal positioning of the booklets, but I got it down now.

I've been busy printing out a lot of OSR booklet goodies as practice for my own project currently underway . . .

Tsojcanth said...

Get a needle, embroidery thread and do it by hand. Seriously, it's piss easy.

mwschmeer said...

@Tsojcanth: Might be piss easy, but I'm allergic to sewing.