Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A New Zine Has Appeared

DwD Studios has released a new zine, Decahedron Magazine, for their BareBones Fantasy RPG.

Not to be confused with Dyson's Dodecahedron, DwD's Decahedron features material from a handful of fans and from the creators of the BBFRPG, Bill Logan and Larry Moore.

What do you get? A totally random d100 table with no theme beyond "description" that is a nice thought exercise but otherwise totally useless in play, a new spell, a few house rules, a creature, and a character race. In other words, a mixed bag. But. . .

But what really makes this zine worth downloading is a sweet little island-based adventure by Matt Jackson, "Cavern of Kul'Thoru", which centers on a hydra lair replete with lizardman underlings. Matt provides a few story hooks to make the game suitable for any campaign, too. Those of you familar with Matt's work on his own zine, Lapsus Calumni, and his series of Moleskine Maps won't be disappointed. And those just discovering Matt's work will definitely want to check out those other links in the previous sentences to see just how much Matt has contributed to the OSR/RPG scene.

There's also a great numbered map suitable for any RPG on the last page, "The Undertemple of Eleroth". It doesn't go to crazy with the CC3-level of detail to the point of distraction yet still embraces an old school ethos in a non-linear, multi-branching design (see here).

So, to recap: Free zine with at least two things worth keeping on hand even if you don't play BBFRPG.

Download it here at

Disclaimer: this blogger is unaffilated with any of the entities or individuals mentioned above and did not receive compensation for this mini-review.

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