Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Learn to Write and Play RPGs for $1,420.00 per Credit Hour, Plus Fees!

I really wish I could teach this class at the University of Southern California (links to a PDF):

Game Studies Seminar: Role-playing Games

Note: the dude is using the FLAILSNAILS conventions in class!

(note: the cost per credit hour info is from this here PDF)


Anonymous said...

How is Playing at the World not on the reading list?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they have this class when I was going to USC?

mwschmeer said...

@SAROE: Probably because that book is too new. I don't know about USC, but at my institution we need to pick books about a year in advance to allow for the book store to process and order the requests and have them in stock for the beginning of each semester. The course schedules and booklists are set in advance because, quite frankly, it's a logistical nightmare. And in some departments, textbook use has to be approved by a curriculum committee or a department chair or a dean (academic freedom is a limited sort of freedom in regards to scheduling and logisitics).

@edowarsblog: I still wouldn't pay to take the class when I could go down to my FLGS, meet some cool people who have been playing for a while, and milk them for knowledge by buying them lots of Cheetos and Mountain Dew--which has to be cheaper than $1,200 per credit hour.

Digital Orc said...

Too bad we can't take it for free online and pay to pass a standardized assessment at a local community college for cheap credit.

I toyed with the idea last year of building something similar (though free) using online class tools (Moodle, Udemy, iTunesU, blogger, etc), but lost steam.