Friday, September 28, 2012

*this post contains 100% shameless self-promotion

I was one of the winners of Trey's Weird Adventures contest!

Awesome. I did not expect this. I struggled to come up with something, and was inspired at the last minute with a gonzo idea.

I knew there would be a lot of creative adventure seeds submitted (I read all your blogs!), and from the brief descriptions of a few entries Trey offers, it sounds like the judges had a tough time coming to a decision. I was surprised my entry was selected as a winner because it is just so far out there. I mean, giant pygmy pigeon golems made of bird poop? That has "winner" written all over it, right? Right?!? Yeah.

I'm looking forward to the eventual publication of the Weird Adventures Companion, whenever that might be!


Porky said...

It makes me think we could do with more of your ideas, and that you can be more confident even than you were before to post them. Maybe as part of a smaller challenge in the vein of the Young Green Dragon map and community lists, but an approach we don't see so often, possibly encounters or campaign events?

mwschmeer said...

It has nothing to do with confidence--I got more confidence that a pack of hyenas at a zebra fest.

It has to do with a lack of time. RL gets in the way of my creative endeavors on a regular basis, even when I set time aside for the creative endeavors.

But, yeah, maybe smaller chunks rather than huge projects.

garrisonjames said...

Your Pigeon post was genius. Demented, diseased and dangerous in all the right measures. More stuff along those lines would be wonderful.