Saturday, September 8, 2012

Things I'm Working on When I Have Time to Work on Them

  • You know what's still unfinished? THIS. Please add your cool shit to this community project. I'll be adding some later today this weekend. Let's see if we can get this done over the weekend.

  • The Book of Lairs III and IV. Yes, these are the top priority. 2 years overdue. Man. . .

  • The OSR BLOGOSPHERE MONSTER PROJECT. The file is complete. I just need to edit it, organize stuff, etc. I haven't forgotten it.

  • A compendium of all the cool shit I've posted on the blog--tables, magic items, etc. In progress. . .

  • THE ZINE. I've got all the content, I just need to put it all together. Let's just call this one delayed a bit. I was hoping to have it ready as a sort of a "back to school special" but it looks like it'll be a Halloween special at this point.

  • I had this weird dream about a swamp-themed adventure/encounter/module/sandbox. It had something to do with an evil wizard in his tower enslaving frog people who worship a giant stork, a ruined crypt, a shipwreck in the marsh's edge, and a crashed spaceship containing reptilians in suspended animation. Like I said, weird.

    I started to write it up. Then I realized it had already been done--by the OSR blogosphere. So instead of writing it all myself, I pulled together a bunch of different pieces from all over the blogs I read. And once I pull everything together in a single file for download, I'll have to whip out Hexographer to create a hex map, too.

  • I'm cleaning out my hard drive of all non-essential RPG stuff I've downloaded. I am trying to curb my hoarding tendencies and one way to do that is to declare a sort of "rpg bankruptcy". I've always had an obsessive streak when it comes to my interests, saving stuff "just in case" I'll ever need it. But I won't need it. I've got more homebrewed, houseruled versions of RPGs than I will ever have time to play. So I'm trying to trim my 30GB+ hoard of RPG treasures to those that I think I might really, truly use. Do I need 5GBs of maps that I've saved from blogs? No. Do I need all the takes on alternative classes that I've saved as HTML or text files? No. Do I need sixteen different Fantasy Heartbreakers? No. So, I'm trying to tame my obsessiveness. And if you think my digital rpg habit is bad, you should see my digital album and ebook collections. And my collection of computer parts. And my stacks of magazines that I will never read. And articles I've clipped to scan but have never gotten around to actually scanning. Oy! So, yes, I am clearing things out all over.

  • I managed to acquire one of these via ebay, sans the little crayon holder thingy. I am making lots of damnation vans for Encounter Critical. Scans to come.

  • The Day Job. I teach writing, so I read and grade and write commentaries on papers nearly every day (and yes, I know that my blog doesn't live up to the standards I expect of student papers--that is intentional, folks). And I have conference presentation to finish. And travel arrangements to make. And committee meetings to chair. . .oh. . ..there is never enough time!

  • And did I mention I have a family life, too? My kids are getting to the age where we are shuttling kids in many different directions for sports and music lessons and church activities. And then there is homework time.

  • Why oh why do I bite off more than I can chew?


    Digital Orc said...

    Because it's fun.

    And a little bit addicting.

    Gorgonmilk said...

    This is all so eerily familiar... :)