My entry in Trey's Weird Adventures contest

Trey over at From the Sorcerer's Skull is running an adventure seed contest that ends today. Here is my entry:

Flesh-eating Golems of the Pigeon King
The roofs are alive with the sound of screaming!

The Set-up:
In a shabby part of the city, the PCs are startled to see a small child carried off into the sky by a flock of birds. The child's hysterical parent begs for help. As the PCs investigate, they find that a deranged association of pigeon fanciers have built a series of interconnected pigeon lofts, perches, and flypens on the rooftops of an entire block in order to house a bizarre creation: Pygmy Pouter Golem Pigeons. Crafted from dung and magic, the flock feeds on the flesh of children during unspeakable worship ceremonies. Vera Cruz, the city's Building Inspektor, has been trying to take down the Underground Association of Pigeon Enthusiasts for the past six months. She has a Code Enforcer on the inside under deep cover. If the PCs cross Cruz or blow her agent's cover, they will find themselves in her cross-hairs, too.

claustrophobic disease-ridden trapped rooms; cultists with a pigeon obsession; flesh-eating giant pygmy pigeons; mutant pigeon mites, child sacrifice; rabid city officials, psionic pigeon priests, an encounter with the God Pigeon in the Dovecote of Doom.