Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another 1981 Flashback!

Back in January, I posted two files by WEBMikey that were assembled from images posted on his Flickr account.

Lads & Ladies, today I have another treat from WEBMikey's photostream! Today, I give you a file compiled from another of his photosets:

The Golden Scepter of the Trollfens & Other Miscellaneous Juvenilia

Written when the author was in 7th grade, this is full of DIY goodness, including some great sketches and NPC lists. Most of the module is here, along with several pages of unrelated hand-drawn maps, new monsters, and some great monster sketches. Be sure to check out that centaur!

This PDF is image-only, and weighs in at around 30MB. I took the original file scans posted by WEBMikey, pulled them into a PDF, and then compressed the PDF to 150dpi. This should be good enough to read on screen.


And if you do enjoy stuff like this from back in the day when our hobby was enjoying its largest growth spurt, be sure to check out the THE HABITITION OF THE STONE GIANT Kickstarter, sponsored by the fine folks at PlaGMaDA--The Play Generated Map & Document Archive.

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