Saturday, August 18, 2012

RPG Zine Update/Roundup!

A few new zines I've discovered in the past month or so:

&. The names Dungeon and Dragon were taken, so what was left? I'm unsure if this name is pronounced "and" or "ampersand", but either way it's worth checking out.

Frontier Explorer, which focuses on Star Frontiers. Star Frontiers is still my favorite old school space ruleset from back in the day. Yes, even over Traveller.

A Letter from Los Angeles,  a new one-sheet zine from Christian Walker that focuses on "a pair of friends who served together in Viet Nam and have remained close. They cruise around in a pimped out 1977 Dodge van, breaking hearts and slaying monsters."

The Planewalker's Codex. I never understood Planescape, but evidently a lot of people do. And they've churned out a really cool zine, too.

PocketTroll, a new microzine for Tunnels & Trolls.

Psychedelic Fantasies, a new zine/module thingy from Geoffrey McKinney, the mad genius behind the Carcosa supplement originally for OD&D and later revised for LotFP.

Rogue Transmission, with a focus on the new indie space RPG Rogue Space. This is a rules-light game that is definitely worth checking out.

All of these have been added to the zine page.

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Tim Shorts said...

Thanks for the updates zine scene. Did not know about Geoffrey's.