Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Note: Removing Some Files From My Dropbox!

EDIT: The files have now been removed.

Back in March, I made around 500MB of fan-created campaign materials available for download via my Dropbox account.

At the time, I said I would leave those files available for a week or so.

And then I promptly forgot about them.

Until now.

I'll be removing the files this weekend. I've had them up for a while, so if there's anything you want to grab, get it before Friday, August 31.

Here's the link:

Big Honking Archive of Free, Fan-created Campaign Material

Of course, if you join Dropbox via this referral link, and then install and set-up the Dropbox program on your computer and/or smartphone or tablet, you can increase my storage space so I don't have to take this offline . . .

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