Reminder: Community Project #2 Still Needs Input

I'm not one to beat dead horses before they are truly dead. But there's a horse over here that's whinnying away due to neglect.

Community Project #2: The Young Green Dragon Over the Next Hill is still breathing. It might be on life support, withering slowly away, but it's still hanging in there, at least for now.

Come on by and pay your last respects. Or maybe some kind soul can hit it with a defibrillator and bring it back to life.

And here's something to sweeten the deal: If we finish this community project by this Labor Day, I'll submit BOTH community projects as events for KantCon 2013--no matter how gonzo #2 gets. This would be my first attempt at DMing at a con. Those who know me know I run loose and gonzo as a player at cons, so you can imagine how I might actually run something. I'd probably run these under Labyrinth Lord or Swords & Wizardry Whitebox rules, but I just might go all Encounter Critical on players' asses, too--depends on my mood when it comes time to submit events for the con.


Chris Creel said…
What, no one has designed the entrance yet? I must correct this error, soon!