Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick-n-Dirty Creature Creation Dice Drop Table

[EDIT: the table has been updated]

Because Telecanter asked for it, here is a Quick-n-Dirty Creature Creation dice drop table.

I've altered his idea a bit; instead of using colored dice, I've gone for a "drop all the dice" method. Still, this should present some interesting results.

Here's an example from the chart:

The Zewaltyrabhundle
The head looks like a zebra mussel, with a rough-textured, calcified covering. It's difficult to discern exactly how it senses and gets around the dungeon, but it does. Its tough, squat body is covered in dark skin covered with short, wiry, hairs and in truth it sort of resembles a walrus. Its forelimbs are small and fur-covered with strong claws useful for digging, as on a platypus, while its hind limbs are those of a jackrabbit---good for hopping away at high speed or for powerful kicking. The prehensile tail resembles that of a spider monkey, and gives the creature an extra attack. When it barks, it sounds like the sad, strangled cry of a poodle left alone in a loft apartment.

Note to DM: Uses the same basic stat block as the Witherstench (I prefer the original stat block from The Field Folio).

Download the PDF via my Dropbox:

Quick-n-Dirty Creature Creation Dice Drop Table


Chris Creel said...


Chris Creel said...

I have two observations after using this chart.
1. Cthulhu is stupid. The dice always seem to land on Cthulhu but I can't have every monster looking and acting like Cthulhu. Well, not all the time anyway.

2. A simple Special Attacks chart is needed. Like; Roll 1d6 for attack style, 1. physical attack, 2. magic attack, 3. psionic attack 4. physical & magic, 5. physical & psionic 6. Creature is invisible.

3. I love this chart and believe I'm gonna get a lot of fun use out of it.

Okay, three comments.

mwschmeer said...


1. Should I move Cthulhu to one of the corner squares or get rid of Him altogether? What should I replace Him with?

2. Good idea. I did this in Excel; I'll see if I can squeeze this in in the footer.

3. Great!

Chris Creel said...

Yeah, just move ol' Cthulhu to one of the corners.