0-Level Adventure: The Plight of Evermore

Over at The Signe of the Frothing Mug, Josh posted two articles about designing and running 0-level characters. These were originally going to be part of a fanzine Josh was working on called The Grognard that, in Josh's words "went the way of the dodo." I've compiled the two articles into a PDF via Google Docs. You can grab it at the link below from my Dropbox account:


Simon Forster said…
Thanks for sharing this. Now to read it :)
Josh Graboff said…
For which I cannot thank you enough! While the Plight is intended to be eminently humorous, the rules cooked up by Viral are perfectly fit to more serious games as well.
mwschmeer said…
@Simon: You are welcome!

@Josh: You are welcome, sir! These rules give the retro-clones the same feel as the DCC RPG.