More Material for Your Old School Marvel Game

I'm a fan of the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game published by TSR back in the 80s, the one that used the FASERIP engine. You know, this one:

You might even be familar with, where you can download most, if not all, of the official MSHRPG materials in PDF format. If you haven't heard of this site before, go check it out. Seriously--it is worth your time.

Anyway, this is all an introduction to get to my main point. This morning while doing some mindless googling, I stumbled across a few cool links. These have been around, but they are new to me, so I thought I would share:

Spider-Man's Guide to New York: Here, you can download a 109-page fan-made compendium of Spider-Man's world. Very cool.

Gaming Nerds R Us - MSHRPG Downloads Section: A fantastic resource of material--including adventures extracted from Dungeon and Polyhedron!

Game Nerds R Us - MSH Netbooks: A sub-forum of the above downloads section, this is an archive of 24 fan-compiled sourcebooks and adventures to use in with the MSHRPG. How cool is that? Included in this mix are 2 new fan-made adventures written by this guy over at Marvel Flipside:

And There Came An Age

Avengers Academy: The Worst is Still Unwritten

Both of these are flippin' fantastic! Hit the links under the pictures to download them from my Dropbox.

Oh, and go read this over at Ah, memories!


Trey said…
Great links. Thanks!
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Trey: You're welcome! I love me some old school Marvel!
Justin S. Davis said…
Wow. These are great.

Thank you!
Unknown said…
Thanks very much for these links. I've been wanting to get back into this, and had before only been able to find the Campaign Book from the Basic Set in my attic. Now I can go even further than before.