A Post In Which I Embrace The Gnome

If you haven't heard of Gnome Stew, it's a kick-ass website with lots of tips and tricks for DMs. While they focus on current-edition gaming, a lot what they post and discuss can be adapted toward any edition or scenario. It's one of the best all-around sites for tabletop RPG tips & tricks (the other is Johnn Four's Roleplaying Tips).

Gnome Stew was holding a newsletter sign-up drive the past three weeks, and they were giving away over $200 worth of prizes to lure people into subscribing. The Grand Prize was a $75 gift certificate to DriveThruRPG.com and PDFs of two of their own publications.

Since I follow Gnome Stew via RSS using Google Reader, I didn't feel the need to subscribe to the newsletter. But then I thought about it some more. I follow roughly 250 blogs via RSS and I'm constantly missing cool stuff and playing catch-up (not all of those are RPG-related). So, I thought I'd subscribe to the newsletter, too, just to see if they were going to use the newsletter as a compendium of links to material they've posted on the site or if it was going to offer additional, newsletter-only features. Two of my non-rpg blogs do this--Next Draft and Back to Work's Bulk Bag.

And it's a good thing I decided to subcribe. I won the Grand Prize! w00t! Here's another sentence ending in an exclamation mark!

Many thanks to the random number generator at Gnome Stew for picking my subcriber number for the Grand Prize!

So what did I order with my winnings?
  1. Stuart's Weird West was the first thing on my shopping list.
  2. Simon Washbourne's Woodland Warriors core rules and supplements bundle. If you haven't heard of Woodland Warriors, it's like Troll Lord Games' Harvesters, only cooler because it uses the Swords & Wizardy Whitebox as its rules engine.
  3. I also added Dylan Hartwell's The Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz and The Horrendous Heap of Sixteen Cities modules for Labryinth Lord to my shopping cart.
  4. Tim's Knowledge Illuminates, because you gotta support Tim. I think that's an OSR rule or something.
  5. Christina Lea's Snow, a multi-system statted module.
  6. DwD Studio's Trouble at Karam's Claim, a one-page module for 50 cents
  7. Trey's Weird Adventures. In print.
  8. Barrowmaze, also in print.
  9. Rob's Blackmarsh. Again, in print.
After all this, I still have around $4 left. But I'll save that for another day.

Man, you guys produce some great stuff. I'm glad I can support you on someone else's dime!

Oh, and while you are here, please stop by the community project and add a room.


Gothridge Manor said…
An OSR rule to support me. Hmm, I like that. I think I will try to make it a law.

Congrats on the win. Looks like you scored a ton of loot. I think I most of these, but I hadn't heard of Snow. Headed there now to check it out.