Crypts & Critters

So, there are a lot of blog posts about introducing kids to our esteemed hobby. Like this one posted today over at Heroes Against the Dark. And this one over here at Blue Boxer Rebellion. And a really great one here by austinjimm at The Contemptible Cube of Quazar that was eventually included in Encounter #4 last year.

Allow me to introduce you to another one, courtesy of Michael Tresca. Tresca, best known for his book The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games (amazon link) and numerous d20 settings, modules, and splatbooks, is also a columnist for I'm not a fan of (wikipedia link) in and of itself  because it is a content mill, using freelance-written content to drive traffic to a heavily ad-supported site—and that content is often vapid beyond belief (think of it is a poor man's, small town Huffington Post). But Tresca's coverage of RPG issues is quite excellent although it predominately covers current games in production--it is 4e/5e heavy, in other words. It's a blog in all but name, and is worth following for his take on the current direction of the tabletop RPG hobby and the gaming industry as a whole.

Last April, Tresca posted a series of columns developing a game he called Crypts & Critters. The game is designed to introduce toddlers -- kids under 4, let's say -- to roleplaying concepts by further developing kids' natural instincts for imaginative play. I liked what I read and pulled everything together into a single document for archival purposes. It was ugly, and I planned on prettying it up. But before I did so, I thought that it would be cool to distribute it to others, too, so I write to Tresca and asked for permission to go ahead with this project, and emailed him my rough file.

It turns out he already had a nicely formatted version. And he gave me permission to share it with you.

So here it is via my Dropbox: Crypts & Critters.pdf

Be sure to check out Tresca's website for a ton of other goodies he has posted for download, especially his d20 fan hacks of popular genre movies. I really like the Evil Dead and Krull ones. I need to run a glaive-wielding dwarf one of these days.

And a big thanks to Tresca for letting me share this with you.