Monday, April 30, 2012

New Magic Item: Ring of Daisies

New Minor Magic Item: Ring of Daisies

Crafted by the elder wizard Gobodkin, this small copper ring is decoratively engraved with a garland of daisies. The ring is endowed with a mild dweomer which makes the wearer smell fresh and clean at all times, regardless of how filthy the wearer's clothing or personal hygiene. The ring will magically expand or contract to fit and can only be removed by writing the word "eateses" in dwarvish with the hand wearing the ring.

It was intended as a wedding gift for Gobodkin's niece Helma Samothracia upon her betrothal to Tros Pyratkin, Admiral of King Caswallon's fleet. Upon Helma's accidental death during an archery competition prior to the wedding ceremony, Gobodkin took to wearing the ring himself and ceased bathing altogether, many say because his grief was so great.

The ring was last seen in possession of his apprentice, Merwin the Magnanimous, to whom the ring passed upon Gobodkin's untimely death by troll-dust ingestion. Gobodkin's death was eventually ruled a murder by the Royal Investigators, and although Merwin was cleared as an official suspect (having been trapped in amber in a pocket universe at the time of Gobodkin's death), King Caswallon has his doubts about Merwin's innocence. Alas, Merwin lost the ring somewhere outside the thorp of Starkville in western Aesteros on one of his research journeys, and it has not been seen since.

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