Wednesday, April 11, 2012

d30 Table of Slightly Useful Mundane Items

Over on Dragonsfoot there's a community project thread compiling a list of Items Semi-Mundane, perhaps slightly useful.

A DF user by the handle jobatett has compiled the full thread, along with some other tables, as part of a PDF, which you can find at the bottom of his download page.

I contributed a good batch of things, and then I saw that they totaled up to 30. So here is a d30 table consisting of only my contributions.

The following is declared Open Game Content:

d30 Table of Slightly Useful Semi-Mundane Items

1. A small bag containing 72 mice skulls.

2. A stick of black chalk.

3. A half-eaten sausage covered in fuzzy mould.

4. A ceramic jar filled with 63 pickled eggs (and the pickling brine).

5. A fingerless four-fingered leather glove, left handed.

6. A pouch containing 181 pieces of shredded parchment. If pieced together (a task that might take many hours), the PC will be able to read the following message "Thanks for the lovely time last fortnight. Derf and I and I enjoyed our visit very much."

7. The right-hand pinky knucklebone of one of the party member's mother.

8. A child's drawing of a lich, rendered on birch bark with charcoal.

9. A small iron cross which smells strongly of mint.

10. A chainmail dog collar.

11. A simple iron helm, caved in on the left side.

12. A set of seven six-sided gambling dice made of bugbear shinbone. One of them rolls true. Usually at an inopportune moment.

13. 1 bunch of skinless grapes.

14. 1 bunch of grape skins.

15. 42 pairs of women's woolen socks, size small.

16. An iron ankle bracelet emblazoned with the sigil of a local deity.

17. 3 stalks of wheat.

18. 13 goblin ears on a wire chain.

19. A round, palm-sized, chalky-black stone that weighs approximately 2 pounds.

20. A ceramic pot of goat urine, sealed with wax.

21. A fist-sized hairball coughed up by a manticore.

22. 3 mastodon toenails.

23. A copper belt buckle.

24. 7 flasks of fermented mare's milk.

25. A sprig of elderberry wrapped in white linen.

26. A battered lantern missing two panes.

27. An owlbear skin rug.

28. A Deck of Not A Lot of Things, scorched and burned beyond readability.

29. A bar of lye soap.

30. An empty scabbard decorated with gems made of paste. The scabbard is engraved "Property of Arthur."

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