Thursday, April 12, 2012

Campaign Builder's Guides--Found At Last!

Maybe you remember this post way back here, where I said I was looking for back issues of the Campaign Builder's Guide? Well, I've found them.

I joined the forum over at, and posted a request for the files, and a user by the name of Túrin came through. So, without further ado, I give you the CBGuides!

Also, this post marks a transition for my personal zine archives. I've figured out how to share directories of files via Dropbox, so future zine archives I create will be hosted via Dropbox for ease of management.

Please consider joining Dropbox via my affiliate link over in the right column or email me for an invite. Right now Dropbox is running a new promotion which gives an extra 500MB of space to new users who sign up via an invite. This means you would get 2.5GB of space rather than the regular 2GB--and I get extra space for free for referring you. This way, I can keep these great resources online.

If you’d like an invitation to Dropbox, send me an e-mail by clicking "view my complete profile" over on the left. If you’re reading in a reader, click on through to visit the blog.