Two More Print Fanzines Announced!

There's gotta be something in the water! The OSR is exploding with announcements for print zines. The two newest are Crawl! and The Manor.

With these two additions to the list I previously posted, are we starting to see the death of the gift economy and a rebirth of the fan economy? Does the free PDF fanzine still have a place? Is this explosion of zines more evidence of our nostalgia for the gaming days of years gone past? Is it evidence of our renewed love for the game? I have more questions to ponder, but I think I'll stop there.

I'm not complaining about the renewed interest of pay & post paper zines, of course--I see these publications as a net win for the hobby. Folks who put in the time and effort to create a physical product that arrives in the mail need to be compensated for the material and postage costs, at the very least. And man, for a few bucks an issue, you get a lot of stuff to drop into your game--all for literally less than the cost of a sugary dessert "coffee" beverage at Starbucks.

So, I'm cutting back on coffee for a month and ordering up subscriptions to a year's worth of gaming goodness. Who's with me!?


Mark K said…
I would have to agree wholeheartedly, sir.

Daft question here, but seeing as I've been out of the RPGs loop for quite some time, I feel it is valid; what does 'OSR' stand for?

Many thanks,

Matthew Schmeer said…
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Matthew Schmeer said…
OSR? It's up for debate. It originally meant "Old School Revival" or "Old School Renaissance."

Here's a couple of links worthy of perusing. First, there's the Quick Primer to Old School Gaming by Matt Finch, a free PDF at

Then there's this thread at enworld.

And finally, a nice summary at
Gothridge Manor said…
Thanks for the shout out. I was just taking a break from working on it.
Reverend Dak said…
Thanks for the plug!

Also, I like Old-School Revolt myself.