More Digging Around on WOTC's Website

So I've been digging around (again) on Wizard's website and I came across this little gem:

Barrel, Crate, and Sack Generator

If you download the zip archive and unzip it to a directory, you get a lot of little toys to play with.

Unzipping the file will create a directory with the name "BCS." Open the file "index.htm" inside (note: it looks terrible in Safari. Use Firefox or Chrome, and make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.) Okay, you can go to town generating barrels, sacks, and crates of stuff. Neat enough. But wait! There's more!

Notice the calculator button? Click it. Coolnesss! A calculator window pops up!

Notice the little "Dice Roller" button. Click it. Coolness! A little dice roller pops up on the page. Oh, what is this "more dice" button on the dice roller? Whoa! It takes you to a full version of the dice roller I blogged about way back when.

But that's not all.

Go back to that directory on your hard drive, and you'll notice a whole bunch of subdirectories:

Okay, what are all these?

  1. calc is the pop-up calculator.
  2. dice is the dice roller.
  3. dmt is a Deck of Many Things generator! There are two generators in here: the "dmt.htm" files opens a straight-up DoMT generator; the "vdmt.htm" opens one for a Variant DoMT
  4. fist is a Virtual Fist of Emirikol generator. I had no idea what this is and had to Google it to find this zipped PDF explanation. The die itself was a limited production run, but you can make a papercraft one.
  5. images should be self-explanatory. Don't muck with this directory.
  6. odice is an Olidammara's Dice roller. Another 3e thing. Here are the rules for how it works.
  7. wonder is a Rod of Wonder effect generator.

Now, each of these generators is available as a separate download, but somebody goofed way back when and with a single download you can now have a lot of offline generators at your fingertips.


Thanks for posting this. I forgot about the Fist of Emirikol. I have one sitting on my bookshelf. It was a goodie that RPGA sent their members back in the 3.5E days. Now I know how to use it! Thanks again!

mwschmeer said…
@Smokestack: Cool. From what I hear, those dice are rare and demand a nice little markup on eBay and @ Noble Knight. But the linked file also shows the d20 numeric equivalents, so I'll just use it as a fancy d20 table.
Jim said…
Thank you for this post and for sharing! Awesome!!