Look What I Dug Up

From the mid-90s, I bring you The Ultimate Bag O'Beans, a community project from the 2e era which was compiled from one of the old D&D fan listservs (at least, that's what I can dig up about it). The link is to a zip file containing the original netbook in ASCII and two PDFs I created, one using a 10-point monospaced font and the other using an 11-point monospaced font. I didn't fancy it up at all, although I am sorely tempted to import it into Word and make it more screen & print friendly. Still, I figure with the ASCII file, you can format it to your heart's content.

And from 2008, I bring you The Bag of Beads, a community project from the old Goblinoid Games forums (old thread linked here). Major props to the dude who uses the screen name "kipper" at Goblinoid Games' new forums for getting this file to me.

You can find the new Goblionid Games forum here, where discussions about Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Rotworld, Starships & Spacemen, and the other fine games in the Goblinoid Games line can be found.