Friday, March 9, 2012

Free Gazetteers?

So, other than the list of Mystara stuff I've already posted, what free setting gazeteers are out there?

I don't care about rule system--just what created worlds are out there.

There's Zak's list, of course. But what else is legally and freely available in terms of fan-made or indie-produced world/campaign/city/etc. settings?

I got a list started, but I'm too lazy to sort through my link list and download folder right now, so let's just see if we can get a list started.

List 'em in the comments, please.


Let's stick to stuff in PDF or other easy to download and print formats--stuff that's downloadable for offline use. There is obviously too much on blogs to even begin to list.

EDIT #2:

My Google-Fu was weak. I didn't even think of using the word "homebrew" in my searches. So, here is a link to get me started: