Digital Narratives Midterm Exam -- Extra Credit Portion

You are a dwarven warrior with slight psionic abilities. You have broken out of the depths of a dungeon and are now stumbling through the collapsing sewers beneath the evil lich’s keep. You have no armor—you are dressed in rags, your head is bare, and your feet are unshod. You are carrying a flaming torch in one hand and in your other hand is a rusty battleaxe you wrested away from a guard during your escape. As you turn a corner, floating towards you in the dim light is this:

What do you do? Write out how the encounter could play out in the comments below. Keep it to as much as the comment box will hold. Make me laugh to get all the bonus points.

(And yes, this is really from the midterm exam I gave this afternoon)


Andrew said…
What about the Bell, Book, and Candle? Is there a white house? Can I just get eaten by Grue?

Ok, let's see, I prepare to smite the floaty thing, but before I can, I realize that I failed "axe smiting" in Axe Smiting School and just end up chopping my own head off.