Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yet Another Post About the Zine Page

I think I'm done updating the zine page for now. I've added a ton of links, broken the list down by game and/or setting, and have even gone as far as to create a number of Google Sites to host many files for downloading. Mind you, they are bare-bones ugly Google Sites, but at least they provide access to these old zines.

Any link that says "my personal archive" will take you to a Google Sites page where you can grab all the back issues of the zines I've been able to find. I'm especially proud of hunting down a lot of zines that folks thought were gone for good, like Super Samurai and Revisiting the Three Kingdoms. I'm still working on getting the Silven Trumpeter online; the files are too big for Google Sites and I'm loathe to host all of them via my Dropbox account. I'll find a solution eventually, although I'd like to avoid Mediafire and other sites that assault folks with ads and pop-ups.

Oh, and one more thing . . . I've got links to Christian Walker's Iridia zine compilation. And his Free City of Haldane supplement. And his Newsletter of the Lincoln Middle School Dungeons and Dragons Club zine. Who's a Google-Fu black belt? I's a Google-Fu black belt!

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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