Monday, February 20, 2012


You like W40K? How's about WFRP? I don't play, but I know some of you in the OSR do (I'm looking at you, Porky).

Here are some links to zines to mine for inspiration:

Astro Mag
The Bellower
The Chapter Standard (my personal archive)
The Citizen Levy (list is on lower left side)
Dark Magenta
The Doom Seeker (must register to download)
Firebase (Issue 1-6) (via - filter by pdf)
Firebase (Issues 7 & 8) (via - filter by pdf)
The Invocation
Irresistible Force
Liber Fanatica
The Portent Oracle (my personal archive)
Skavenblight Gazette
Strike to Stun (bottom of page)
The Invocation
The Watchman (via - filter by pdf)
The Word of Hashut

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Porky said...

Blimey - you're not doing this by halves. A lot of that looks good for the Warhammer and 40K settings as a whole, and just the pleasure of the imagination. Tasty and wholesome, and I'll bet there are many more people than just me that'll be interested in seeing it.