Friday, February 10, 2012

Calling Dr. Who Fans

Aching for some old school Dr. Who gaming?

Check out these two sites:

1. This website for Time Lord, a 1991 Dr. Who game published by Virgin but now available for free. This is the game and expansions, minus orginal artwork, for free download in PDF format. You need Flash to navigate the site, and be sure to click all the links. Maybe Mr. Proctor needs to talk to Ian Marshall and get the game back in print!

2. Once you grab the Time Lord pdf, head over to J. Curtis' Earthbound Timelords website (click the TARDIS on the landing page) and scoop up some free modules and 14 issues of a Dr. Who fanzine, Diary of the Doctor Who Role-Playing Games.

J. Curtis has some links to other free Dr. Who material on this page.

Happy gaming, and watch out for the Daleks!

EDIT: I changed this post after double-checking the site. The site where you can download Time Lord is a fan site, but the files are legitimately free of charge, as they note when you read them. Ian Marsh, the writer of the Time Lord RPG, released the game as freeware in 1996. If you feel downloading from the fan page is iffy, then you might want to download for free from Precis Intermedia or from Ian McDonald's Dr. Who-RPG List.

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Andrew said...

I actually played a Dr. Who RPG once a long time ago, but I thought it was earlier than 1991. Maybe I'm just getting senile in my "old" age. :D