Friday, February 17, 2012

Anyone Got Copies of the CBGuide?

I'm trying to track down all the known issues of the Campaign Builder's Guide.

Here's a list of files I'm looking for:

CBGuide V. 1 (September '06)(tan color scheme)
CBGuide V. 1 (September '06)(blue color scheme)
CBGuide V. 2 (October '06)
CBGuide V. 3 (December '06)
CBGuide V. 4 (April '07)
CBGuide V. 5 (July '07)
CBGuide V. 6 (August '07)
CBGuide V. 7 (September '07)

I found this list in an archived forum at However, all the links in that post are dead.

I've managed to track down two issues of the guide after it made a name change to Fantaseum in 2008. Interestingly, I've found two copies of one issue that have conflicting issue dates: one is marked Spring 2008 and the other is marked Winter 2008, and they have identical covers and content. The issue seems to stop after the Summer 2008 issue, which had a nautical theme.

If I can get the entire run, I'll throw them up on a Google Sites archive and add them to the zine page.

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