Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Even More Goodness from 1981!

WEBMikey has been kind enough to let me assemble two PDFs from images posted on his Flickr account.

Lads & Ladies, I give you:

Mini Module M1 - The Maze of Death.pdf

Mini Module M2 - The Priest of Evil.pdf

Both written when the author was in 7th grade, these are just full of the DIY goodness that only the fevered mind of a 13-year-old D&D fan can create.

Both of these PDFs are image-only. I took the original file scans posted by WEBMikey, pulled them into a PDF, and then compressed the PDF to 150dpi. This should be good enough to read on screen.



Jeff Rients said...

These are the best things ever.

mwschmeer said...

Hell yeah they are.

Chris Creel said...

Thanks again. I suddenly feel a Encounter Critical campaign is in the works for this year.

Tavis said...

I am going to make these the core syllabus for my D&D afterschool class this coming semester.