Eldritch Spell Attempt Cthulhu Die Table

Inspired by Greg Gorgonmilk's latest community project on Wizard Madeness, I came up with the following table which I've posted as a PDF via Dropbox.

You'll need a Cthulhu Die. The images are blatantly borrowed from this rules variant at Wired.com.


Eldritch Spell Attempt Cthulhu Die Table


garrisonjames said…
Nearly fell out the chair laughing -- Excellent! Short, sharp and sinister, just the way it ought to be. Nice job. I knew we needed to get one of those Cthulhu dice...
Gorgonmilk said…
Very cool, Matt! Adding this to my OSR archives.
I got some other ideas rolling around, too. Stay tuned for things to come.