Dungeon Funk PDF

Waaaaaaay back in February of this year, Greg over at Gorgonmilk hosted a community project, which became known as the Dungeon Funk Table.

I finally got around to finishing the conversion of that table to a PDF document, as I said I would.

And here it is:

Gorgonmilk's Dungeon Funk Table

May your dungeon be full of funk evermore.


Needles said…
Fanfreakingtastic! Thanks so much for doing this!
Anonymous said…
This is the most intense piece of gross-out fiction I've seen in a good long while.

This kind of thing will be very popular with a lot of old school AD&D types. However, I suspect it will turn off a lot of potential recruits.
Greg Gorgonmilk said…
@postgygaxian: Really this table is a great litmus test. If it turns off potential recruits, then I probably wouldn't want to run a game with those guys anyway. I like players who roll with the punches and turn stuff like this to their advantage. I hear enough whining at work.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Needles: Thanks!

@postgygaxian: If you think this is gross-out fiction, then you don't read enough gross-out fiction. Here, let me help with that:

Eraserhead Press

Bizzaro Central

@GG: I concur!