Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please Don't Feed the Troll

Trolls. Ugh. I hate trolls. Once lost a mule and two dwarfs to a couple of trolls.

As any gamer knows, the way to finish off a troll for good is with fire or acid.

But on the web, flame wars can't seem to kill one particular OSR troll.

Which brings to me ask: anyone know how a website acid attack works?

(For those not in the know, Christian, one of the nicest and most introspective members of the OSR blogosphere, has been trashed by the troll behind YDIS [who I will not favor with a link].)

EDIT: It seems Christian has either deleted his blog, or hidden it from public view. This isn't the first time Christian has decided to take his blog offline after a web kerfluffle. While it is certainly within his rights to do so, we have now lost a wealth of information and resources: copies of Iridia zine, the Freecity of Haldane files, great encounters and maps (the most recent of which was a series of encounters along the Shores of Lake Quag), etc. While many of us might decry his decision to take his ball and go home, how do we expect people to react when they are bullied by anonymous assholes?

That YDIS guy is a coward of the highest degree, spraying hatred from behind a wall of anonymity.


Trey said...

Christian seems to have returned last night.

Jagatai said...

Yep, I resurrected him. True story.