Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Four Color Love?

Okay, I know about Marvel Superheroes, the original superhero RPG that used percentile dice and a color-coded chart as the primary game mechanics (edit: which I just learned is known as the FASERIP system). TSR's Conan games (not to be confused with the Conan modules for AD&D) also used this system, as did Gamma World 3e.
But what about the retro-clones that use the four-color system? The obvious one is ZeFRS, which is a direct retro-clone of the original TSR color-coded resolution system.
Another well known 4C clone is 4C System (also available at Seraphim Guard Games).
And now it appears that Fearless Flint Games is doing some sort of adaptation of the 4C System rules. The core rulebook posted on this site seems to be the same as the one from Lulu and/or Seraphim Guard, albeit with a new cover. I haven't taken a good look at the contents yet to see if there are any changes to the ruleset, though.
So, what other four-color-based RPGs are out there? List and link in the comments please, and I'll try to add them to the post.
(4C System is not to be confused with Four Color Superhero by Cynthia Celeste Miller, which takes the 1940s pulp era as its campaign setting and uses a d12 mechanic.)


Trey said...

I have nothing to add, other than I'm interested in seeing if anybody knows of any others. :)

Barking Alien said...

You may also be interested in checking out ICONS from Adamant Entertainment.

While not a retro-clone at all, this relatively rules-lite, fast-paced Supers RPG was heavily influenced by the old FASERIP system.

Not my cup of tea, preferring Mutants & Masterminds 3E or Champions for my Supers but definitely worth a look see.

Matthew W. Schmeer said...

@Barking Alien: Yes, I have ICONS; picked it up when Adamant had its $1 sale earlier this year. It's a nice, fast new school sort of game--great for beer & pretzel gaming. I prefer V&V over ICONS, but I prefer MSH over V&V.