Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is up with Blogger Stats?

Hi! I've been away for awhile. I haven't posted since the beginning of May. And you'd think that a blog that hasn't been updated in almost a month and half wouldn't be getting a lot of page views. But guess what?

Look down in the lower left corner of this blog page. Scroll down if you need to--I'll wait!.

Okay, back now?

What did you notice?

Maybe that there is a 5,000 page view discrepancy between and Blogger Stats?


Anybody else notice their stats screwed up?


Matt said...

I had the same weird distortion earlier this month, though in my case I choose to pretend it was all real.

JasonZavoda said...

Just tried the one blogger stats gadget and it seems to be working fine.

Glenn Jupp said...

Yeah, I had an inexplicable surge from June 8 to 16. I guess we should all take our hats off, 'cause google is playing with our brains again.

Vord Verification: repolog. The job of reposessing unwarranted blog hits.

Simon Forster said...

I think my hits counter is mostly from spammers and robots.

Matthew W. Schmeer said...

@ Matt: I wish it was real, but I think there's a glitch somewhere in the bowels of Blogger Stats. Now get back to work on Space Princess!

@ JasonZavoda: I've been using StatCounter for several years on another site--I trust it more than Blogger Stats as this point. Maybe the instability of Blogger over the past month has something to do with the widget being whacked, too.

@Glenn Jupp: I think Blogger has been repologging a lot of blogs lately!

@Simon: No, that's just me hitting the "Print" Button on almost every post on your site--or people hitting up all the great PDFs and adventure's you've got posted there.