Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for . . .

There is no right way to play our great game;
The rules are are not rules, only guides.
You may change them and twist them,
Subvert, or discard them; only the DM can decide.

Houserules are just laws of the worlds we create
When we sit down at table to play;
All that it takes to change that world's fate
Is whatever the DM might say.

Elves can advance like split fighter-mages,
Turn undead, a first level spell;
You could split up the take or trade out your treasure
Or say screw it, each man for himself.

Some say houserules change the work that's been done
To keep the game balanced and fair;
But grognards say phooey to thinking like that;
This is old school, not Legends & Lairs.

Despite the trend to twist and to rend
The game into a cheap MMORPG;
We'll keep on gaming the way we've been gaming:
The game isn't dying, it breathes!

Variant rules are the soul of old school,
We vary the game as we like;
Now draw your sword, you scummy young fool
While I roll the the big purple die!

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