Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for . . .

Spade of Excavation
It's rumored that Xagyg the Crafty
(Or maybe Nosenera the Great)
Gave Smada Gierb Chnif
The terrible idea
To endeavor this spade to create.

With this spade in your hand you can clean out
A pegasus stall in an hour;
You can dig a quick ditch
With a flick of your wrist
Or dig under keep walls and watchtowers.

Why, I used it last week to escape the dark deep
Of that labyrinth known as Dyson's Delve;
It dug while I slept
And when I woke from sleep--
Well, that dungeon now has a level twelve!

My friend, you look very trustworthy--
And I know that this might sound insane
But I'll trade you this spade
Plus this Balm of Nightshade
If you bring me the Sword of Ducaine!

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