Sunday, April 17, 2011

Q is for . . .

I am compelled to obey you,
To complete the task that you set.
I will travel from Rimthorp to Kantikintal
To bring back the Gem of Hoptet.

I will travel through seas and through deserts,
I will climb the most perilous climbs
I will hack through the jungle of darkest Arktet
To bring back this jewel of desire.

I have heard tales of death and dismemberment
Of those who have fought for this jewel,
Of magic so bleak that it's best not to speak
Of the curse that turns clerics to ghouls.

So I will set off on this journey,
Though this be against my free will
And when I come back, beware my next task:
Your own damn black heart to still.

*this is a fifth level Cleric spell / sixth level Magic-user spell under the S&W Whitebox rules

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