Saturday, April 16, 2011

P is for . . .

Purple Worm*

Purple Worm! Quick, run away!
The bastard swallows all its prey;
The stinger'll pierce right through your hide;
'Scuse me while I watch you die!

Purple Worms all around!
We're gonna die here undergound.
Are you happy or in misery?
Doesn't matter much, just don't bleed on me.

Help me! Help me!
Oh no, no . . . no!

Purple Worm right before my eyes—
Don't know if I will live or die;
Warm breeze blowing as I head towards death—
Damn thing has the worst halitosis.

No, help me! Aw yeah!
Oh no, no, oh help me!

*with apologies to The Jimi Hendrix Experience

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!

Those purple worms are something else to deal with ;)