Thursday, April 14, 2011

N is for . . .

Neutralize Poison
You've been bitten by snakes and by spiders
You look worse than what the cat dragged in;
You'll have to put faith
In a potion or scroll—
Unless you are true without sin.

Then your cleric can ask divine favor
(That's something to believe in)
To stop the quick spread
Of the venomous dread
That courses and flows through your veins.

Yes, this spell is your only hope now
To get yourself back, tippy-top:

You'll soon be back on your feet,

Drinking stout mead

And doing the unskinny bop.

Yes, we know that you just want action,
That you want nothing but a good time;
To be true, I think you've learned your lesson:
Every vampire rose has its thorns.

(inspired by this post at Rather Gamey.)

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Arkhein said...

lol. Awesome!

- Ark