Tuesday, April 12, 2011

L is for . . .

Give me a quart of vampire blood
And the well-simmered heart of a virgin,
The sexual glands of seven giant moths,
And a measure of fresh venom of wyvern—
I'll toss in two pinches of arsenic powder
And a pinch of my best belladonna;
I'll cast Magic Jar, Trap the Soul, Enchant Item:
Your life-force will flee to new sanctum—
I'll capture it here, in this phylactery
Made of amber & silver & bedlam.
And if you're not a lich by the end of the week,
Well, sorry, no refunds, no tantrums!


migellito said...


Matthew W. Schmeer said...

Gotta love Len Lakofka's "Blueprint for a Lich" from Dragon #26!