Random Table Contest Announced on the ODD74 Forum

Over on the ODD74 forum, the guys at Fight On! and Ian of Magician's Manse have announced a Random Table Contest.

It appears that Ian's Book of Vile Randomness project has been Polymorph Other-ed into the "Fight On! Big Book of Tables (or whatever we eventually decide to call it)." This is cool news indeed.

The even cooler thing is how prizes will be awarded: a Random Prize Table!

I've already fired off my entry, which consists of three tables from this blog (and I ain't saying which ones).

Of course, this also puts the fire under my butt to turn The Conclave of the Order of the d30 compilation into a PDF sometime soon. I've been deluged with grading the past two weeks, so maybe I can churn it out by early next week.