Monday, March 7, 2011

No Love for Mutant Future on the Fanzine Front?

Can anyone explain to me why there are no fanzines for Mutant Future? At least, my web wanderings haven't turned one up. Maybe I'm wrong. If so, somebody please post me a link. But right now, it appears all the other retro-clone systems seem to have one or more zines devoted to them, but not Mutant Future.

Note: I don't play Mutant Future, so there's no invested interest here. This is just an observation.


Chris Creel said...

Perhaps, because some of us have been spending all our time on 'zines that seem to garner no readers… (a bit of cynical humor there) I've enjoyed looking through your compilation of rpg 'zines, thanks.

Chris Creel said...

Ah yeah, E.C. isn't really Post Apoc, it's more Science Fantasy.

w.v. = Thign, my next pc or npc's name.

Matthew W. Schmeer said...

@Chris: Thanks! And I've moved E.C. to the new Science Fantasy category.