Sunday, March 20, 2011

d30 List of Random Crap in a Room

The following is declared Open Game Content:

d30 List of Random Crap in a Room

1. Two broken chairs

2. Sixteen unsharpened quills and two apparently blank parchments

3. One dried goat kidney

4. A jug of vinegar

5. A trivel (could be a trident, could be a shovel--no one knows for sure)

6. A vase of wildflowers

7. Seven copper coin blanks

8. A grief-stricken hobgoblin crying and moaning about missing his “mummbly”

9. A deerskin glove (right hand) missing three fingers

10. A mumified dwarf thumb

11. Two empty oaken wardrobes placed on opposite sides of the room

12. A laser pointer

13. Six quail eggs

14. A liverwurst sandwich +1

15. A dagger hilt

16. A hiltless dagger

17. Seventeen wooden carvings of the number 17

18. Misplacer beast looking for its keys

19. A zebra-skinned couch, plus roll again on this table

20. Two hoofless centaur corpses

21. A duck

22. A three-foot-wide puddle of oil-sheened water

23. A carving of the local fertility god

24. Six used lambskins

25. A giant platypus skull

26. A lich’s playhouse

27. Sixteen bundles of juniper branches

28. A gnoll’s liver, plus roll again on this table

29. A groggy gnoll sporting twenty-nine stiches across its belly

30. Mummbly the midget manticore (knee-high and pissed off about it)


Greg Gorgonmilk said...

"a liverwurst sandwich +1"

So in other words this can effectively be hurled at incorporeal creatures?

Matthew W. Schmeer said...

Might be worth a shot if you have initiative. Or maybe it's just a really good sandwich. Hard to say.