Sunday, March 20, 2011

d12 Table of Tales of Heroic Ineptitude

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d12 Table of Tales of Heroic Ineptitude

Bards far and wide sing the songs and praises of heroic adventurers who have accomplished great deeds. Yet rarely repeated bardic lore also tells of those who tried and failed only to try and fail again. While the details may be lost in the mysts of time, the titles of these tales are still passed along in certain whispered circles.

1. ”Gordon & The Fish”

2. “Captain Jack & The Tankard of Everlasting Ale”

3. “Grimnose & The Grindstone”

4. “The Myth of Sleepy Valeson”

5. “The Half-hearted Halfling & The Rope of Many Tongues”

6. “The Vanishing of Olaf Banish”

7. ”Bert & The Insatiable Slattern”

8. “Never Trust a Wood Nymph”

9. “Hernd Gave Love a Bad Name”

10. “The Heartwrending”

11. “A Trident for Trisian”

12. “The Doppelgänger of Simon Simonson”

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