Monday, March 7, 2011

Commentator? I think not!

Thanks to James over at The Underdark Gazette, I've gained a few new followers. Welcome aboard, folks!

This also means it's time to level up. The new rank: Commentator.

Man, that is a seriously bad level title. I mean, come on: Vlark the Commentator. See? That name sucks.

So, I'm hereby announcing a house rule: the new name for third level Old School RPG Bloggers is Champion. That works to better describe what we do. We third levelers champion our beliefs and causes on the Ethereal Plane of the Blogosphere.

Yeah, Vlark the Champion . . . that's the ticket!

I think we're good now.

1 comment:

Trey said...

I sympathize with your desire to have a more "action-y" level title, but blogger isn't actually a particularly active class. Perhaps you'd like to multii-class? ;)

Seriously, though, congratulations.